Blue Comet / Lovely Planet

12’35’” - 2018

“Blue Comet / Lovely Planet” is a fashion movie that showcases the studio’s “Sculptural Cosmos” jewelry collection. It revolves around a playful tale: jewelry, like archaeological remains or cosmogonic totems, are the main pieces of a story of love and friendship, between inside and outside, between trance and ride. Through this narrative prism, the person who wear the jewelry perpetuates the story.

This story is a cosmogonic tale, where the characters try to understand through of symbols and rites their connection to others and the living.This young contemporary tribe escapes from the ashes of the city to reconnect with their land.Bodies as an exploration from the infinite adorn, liberate and move.

Directed by Benoit Ecoiffier & Milon Milon / Choregraphy : Alizée Sourbé / Music : Chalas / Danced by Marie Barriol, Joel Luzolo, Shirwann Shifu Jeammes & Alizée Sourbé