100% twill silk scarves / 70x70cm + 2x(90x90cm)
Made in Como, Italy

Edition of 3x25

ETNAs feeling is a drop of three 100% silk scarves, designed in Paris and made in Come in Italy. The shapes are from books inherited from my dear grandfather, passionate about Antiquity. This project is at the border between luck and magic.

I discovered that I was a great collector, a curator of the ruins of art history, creating an exhibition of my emotions, like an iconographer.

The volcano Etna is the main thread of this collection, as a reminder of our fragility in the face of the destructive force of nature: Pompeii has paid the price.

The times are mixed, this collection is a fantasized image of our archives where the Hittites live in peace next to the Greeks. I recycle images in honor of fallen civilizations. The scarves are totems of a history that we bring home and continue to keep alive.